Your Weekly Challenge: Body Love

It's not uncommon to be unsatisfied with your body. Actually it's a really common topic of conversation with many of my clients, male and female alike. So often though, we accept negative feelings of our body casually, as if how we think about ourselves is a basic fact. You may think "my nose is too big" or "my arms are flabby" and assume that others see you that way too, but the truth is, more often than not, it's easier for others to have positive feelings about our bodies than it is for us.

So here's your weekly challenge: 
Choose one part of your body that you dislike. Then spend the next week giving that part as much love as possible. Consider ways you could nourish it - talking to it positively, talking about it positively, massaging it, putting a heat pack on it, putting lotion on it, accentuating it etc.. As you do this keep track of how you feel and think about this part over the week. Does it change? Do you notice any shift in your perception?

Let me know if you experience any shift! I'd be interested to hear how this challenge works for you!

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