Can money buy you happiness?

A fellow counselor told me once how a couple saved their marriage by buying a dishwasher. She said they bickered back and forth throughout their sessions until one day she asked them, "Is this really all about the dishes?" They bought a dishwasher that day and things started looking up. While I'm sure they had more going on than just the need for a dishwasher, their purchase got them on the path to finding solutions to their problems.

This year my husband and I decided we'd make our lives a little easier by outsourcing some of the most tedious tasks. This way we can spend more time with our kids, reading books, watching movies, baking cookies, building lego cars and playing peekaboo. We also get more time with each other. While it's not feasible to outsource these tasks all the time, it's certainly worth it during the crazy holidays and maybe occasionally throughout the rest of the year. 

Here are two ways we're gaining time...

Washio is a wash and fold service that picks up your laundry and returns it in 24 hrs, washed and ready to go. We tried it for the first time this weekend and loved it. It can get pricey if you have them wash your blankets and towels because they charge by the pound, or if you have them dry clean any items or press your shirts, but it's worth it. We found a Groupon for $25 off, and they give you $10 off for your first time and if you refer a friend. 

Available in select cities at the moment, but hopefully expanding soon! If it's not available in your town, you could always find a wash and fold service, most laundromats offer the service. 

We use instacart all the time. I started using it right after I had Theo. It was immensely helpful in taking care of grocery shopping so I could do what a new mom should - sleep. Now we use it once every other week so that we can spend time with the boys. They definitely mark up the prices and you're charged $3.99 for delivery, but I found I get about the same amount of groceries for my usual weekly budget. I also noticed that since I'm not in the store, I'm less likely to go off the list, which means less excess, and less wasted food. 

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