The Power of "Yes"

Occasionally I like to google random sentences that come into my mind. Last night I googled "the power of yes" and immediately 644,000,000 results were available. That's quite a bit of info isn't it? Luckily I came across this article early on...

While you may be expecting an upbeat piece, that motives you to say "YES!" to everything that comes across your path, the author has taken a much more practical approach. The article isn't about saying "yes" to everything, as much as seeing how "yes" can be a strength; something to help you grow both personally and professionally.

In case you're short on time, here are some good quotes to sum up the article:

"The psychologist and researcher John Gottman has famously found that when the ratio of positive to negative interactions in a marriage falls below five to one, divorce is far more likely. Negativity, in short, can be potent poison, and its effects are long lasting and often pernicious."

"There is a difference, however, between surviving and thriving. Because our survival is no longer under constant threat, many more of us have the opportunity to focus on thriving. The problem with “no” as a starting place is that it polarizes, prompts defensiveness and shuts down innovation, collaboration and connection."

"Like any strengths, receptivity and positivity — the expressions of “starting with yes” — eventually become liabilities if they are overused. They can turn into indulgence and lack of standards. But starting with yes doesn’t necessarily mean ending with yes, as I learned in that committee many years ago."

What do you think? Are there any situations in your life where saying "yes" could make a difference? I know there's always room in mine! 

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