5 min Challenge - Send A Friend a Love Letter

When was the last time you told your friend that you appreciate them? Maybe never. It often seems implied in friendships - otherwise why would be friends? Right? Maybe you say "thanks" for a favor, but never say "hey thank you for making me laugh all the time!" or "I really admire how adventurous you are." That probably feels cheesy to say. I get that. We often love our friends, but don't get to emotional with them, about them. 

Now let me challenge you here for a second - imagine writing a love letter to your friends telling them how much you appreciate them. Nothing romantic, more of a fan letter.  How would it make you feel? How would it make them feel? 

Studies show that sharing your gratitude can help improve your overall health and increase your optimism and happiness, as well as increasing happiness in others!

Which is why I'm challenging you today to write one love letter to a friend (you can call it a "letter" you don't want to say "love letter"). Whether you deliver it or not is up to you, but remember receiving thanks can be as effective as giving thanks! 

Now how are you going to create your letter? Find some fancy stationary and nice pen? Decorate it with your own art? Scribble a few lines on a post it? Do it up however you want, all I ask is that you show how grateful you are to have that someone in your life and then see how good it makes both of you feel!

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