Mindful Monday: Create a Weighted Heat Pack

Have you ever used a weighted blanket? They can feel great, just like a big hug!

Did you know that weighted blankets have been used for centuries by Native Americans and other indigenous groups to instill calm and relaxation? They are also useful in helping adults and children with sensory processing disorders. The weight of a weighted blanket can mimic deep touch which has been shown to be relaxing and calming (kind of how soothing a good massage can be).

In my own therapy practice I've started using a smaller version of the weighted blanket, the weighted pillow, to help my clients calm and feel grounded as we explore feelings of anxiety and heightened states of arousal. And so far my clients have been enjoying it, reporting that the weight of the pillow helps calm them and the scent of the lavender reminds them to take slow, deep breaths.

These pillows are so easy to make anyone can do it and the results are wonderful, especially if you're experiencing anxiety, sensory processing disorder or even daily stress. Follow this how to for sewing instructions or try the no sew version. And here's a tip if you want to make these scented and easy to warm up: use 100% cotton cloth and mix only a few drops of the scented oil into your dried rice/bean mix, let the mix dry before putting into your pillow.

Here's more about weighted blankets and how they can help with anxiety and even insomnia.

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