Mini Party Hat Crowns

It's almost Halloween, one of my favorite holidays, and I've said zilch about it so far. Yet that doesn't mean it's not on my mind, trust me if you saw my house, you'd know Halloween is more than just on my mind. So I'll throw a few Halloween posts at you this week. First up Mini Party Hat Crowns, perfect for a birthday party or for your tiny Tudor costume. 

Mini Party Hat Crowns

party hats
fancy paper
jewels, stickers etc.

Begin by cutting off about two inches off the top of the crown (the pointy part). Fold the hat flat and cut triangles out of the bottom part of the hat, make sure not to cut all the way into the hat or to cut the string. Decorate by gluing or taping on strips of paper, jewels, stickers etc. Then put it on and flaunt your fanciness.

Since you essentially are wearing this hat upside down, try taking off the string and carefully re-taping it a half inch down. This should make it a wee bit more comfortable.

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