Stress Relievers

How do you relieve stress? When people ask me this I usually find myself answering...

 "Oh you know, running, reading, yoga." Then I think "wait, wasn't the last yoga class I took over four years ago?" Well recently I've been trying to combat that. Here are five ways I'm relieving stress:

Ten minute morning yoga - it moves pretty fast, but if you don't have much time and need a little guidance, like myself, this video is just right.

Peanut Blossom's Book Club for the Recovering Reader - quick reads and discussion groups on Facebook every month! It makes getting back into reading novels interesting and fun. We just finished this book and are moving on to this one.

Simply Being - a guided meditation app that lets you pick the music and length of your meditations. I use this when I'm alone in the car and sometimes, I even fall asleep to it. (Oops! I'm not supposed to do that right?)

The 7 Minute Workout - this is always the most painful seven minutes of my life, but I feel like I've gotten a total body work out when I finish, so there's that. Here's an article on why it works.

Start a Running Group - every Sunday morning I run with a few moms from Max's school. We keep it simple: every Sunday at 8:30am, along the same path, anyone who shows up is free to join. That way if you're out of town or sick you don't need to feel obligated to cancel.

So tell me, what do you do to shake off the stress?

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