Is It time for your mental health check up?

Did you know that May is Mental Health Awareness Month? All month long you can follow hashtags like #mhm17, or #mhaw17 and get tips on ways to stay mentally healthy. You can also watch celebrities as they recount their own mental health experiences in the "My Younger Self” series and even follow Prince William, Duchess Kate and Prince Harry as they fight mental health stigma with their Heads Together campaign.

Did you ALSO know that you don’t have to have a serious mental illness to seek counseling? It’s true! Counselors are here to help you through all aspects of life, from break-ups to loss, new jobs, to moving into a new house, babies to work stress. And just like you are encouraged to get a yearly physical, we’d like to encourage you to get a mental health check up yearly as well.

Of course you may be thinking, “I feel fine! I don’t need a ‘mental health check up!’” and that may be true, but just in case here are a few commonly experienced issues that counselors could help you with:

Want to know more? Try taking this free mental health screening at Mental Health America today.

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